Dr. Munir Humayun

EOAS would like to congratulate Dr. Munir Humayun on being awarded a 2016 University Undergraduate Teaching Award. Dr. Humayun, a geologist and geochemist, is based at the National High Magnetic Laboratory. The Undergraduate Teaching Award recognizes faculty for excellence in teaching. This is a student-oriented award with nominations submitted by students and alumni.

Denise Akob and Danielle Sumy

The official magazine of the Oceanography Society has released a Career Profiles edition and two students from EOAS are highlighted. Denise Akob (Ph.D. 2008, biogeochemical oceanography) and Danielle Sumy (B.S. 2005, geophysics) were interviewed by the magazine. Denise works as a research microbiologist with the USGS and Danielle, who earned her Ph.D. in marine geology & geophysics, works as a project associate at the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS).

Mantle Subduction

Subduction zones are characterized by significant geological activities including arc volcanism and earthquakes. Often, mantle wedge regions are characterized by anomalously high electrical conductivity signals. Geophysicists have been invoking aqueous fluids with enhanced salinity to explain such observations. EOAS Professor Dr. Mainak Mookherjee and colleagues recently published an article in Science Advance proposing an alternate mechanism.

kayak sampling

Every year, a phenomenon known as the Saharan Air Layer brings several hundred million tons of dust to the Americas. It helps build beaches in the Caribbean and carries nutrients that fertilize the Amazon rainforest. But African microbes may be hitching rides on the dust and poisoning corals across the sea. Dr. Bill Landing co-authored a study examining how one genus of bacteria, called Vibrio, responded to the influx of dust that rains down on the Caribbean in the late summer months.

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Graduate Degrees

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