SPRUCE Project in northern Minnesota

FSU Research Scientist Rachel Wilson and University of Oregon graduate student Anya Hopple are the first authors on a new study that details experiments suggesting that carbon stored in peat - a highly organic material found in marsh or damp regions - may not succumb to the Earth's warming as easily as scientists thought. 

San Ysidro Landscape

The annual Geology Field Camp in Taos, New Mexico is open for students to register. The camp (GLY4790), will be held during FSU Summer Semester, May 12 - June 20, 2017. Applications are due to Dr. Farris or Dr. Young by March 1. This field course gives upper level undergraduate and beginning graduate students the observational skills and experience needed to undertake detailed field studies in a variety of geologic settings.

Congratulations to EOAS Assistant Professor Sven Kranz for being recognized by the FSU Spiritual Life Project for “promoting meaning, purpose and authenticity within the FSU community”. This teaching award was given to 13 faculty this year, with only two being from Arts & Sciences. Dr. Kranz received the award from President Thrasher.

Mainak Mookherjee

Water covers about 70 percent of the Earth's surface, but scientists want to know how much lies inside the planet. A mineral called brucite may hold part of that answer, according to EOAS Assistant Professor Mainak Mookherjee. He and Andreas Hermann (University of Edinburgh) estimate that in the deep Earth  - roughly 250 to 370 miles into the mantle - water is stored and transported through a high-pressure from of the mineral brucite. It has been thought that brucite was not stable at that depth, but this new research shows that may not be true.

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Graduate Degrees

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