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Dr. Ekaterina Maksimova

Dr. Ekaterina Maksimova, (Ph.D. 2012), has received a very prestigious fellowship from the Division of Ocean Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship. This Fellowship will allow Ekatrina to continue her research in the dynamics of ocean circulation in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico with its relation to the ecology of the region. She will affiliate with the College of Marine Science at USF and FSU COAPS.

ISS-RapidScat Artist Concept

Dr. Mark Bourassa is leading the NASA Ocean Vector Winds Science Team that will work with RapidSCAT data. The RapidSCAT instrument is scheduled to launch Sept. 19 and will be attached to the International Space Station. One novel use for this mission is the examination of the diurnal cycle. Other more typical applications are studies of hurricanes (very early stages of tropical development) and ocean upwelling. Dr. Bourassa will be attending the launch.

Martian Meteorite

Mars exhibits ample evidence for an ancient surface hydrosphere. The Martian meteorite nicknamed Black Beauty is composed of regolith braccia from the heavily cratered terrains of ancient Mars and contains zircon grains dated to 4.5 billion years ago. Dr. Munir Humayun and colleagues continue their research on this fascinating Mars meteorite in a paper published in Nature Geoscience.

Joint Law & Aquatic Environmental Science Degree Offered

The College of Law and EOAS are offering a new joint-degree program in Law and Aquatic Environmental Science, J.D./M.A.E.S., which will permit students to complete both degree programs concurrently.  Environmental Science students The interdisciplinary nature of the program will help students gain an edge in a competitive job market in which creative and analytical thinking and cross-disciplinary skills are at a premium.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate degrees in geology, meteorology, and environmental science will prepare students for a variety of careers.

Graduate Programs

Graduate Degrees

We offer a wide variety of graduate programs designed to meet the career needs of our students in today’s changing marketplace.

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Help us enhance our program by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science. Donations can be made as one-time gifts, as part of a memorial, or in honor of someone; as scholarships; or as an on-going bequest to the department.

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