Dr. James J. O'Brien

We are tremendously saddened to inform the community that Dr. James O'Brien, Professor Emeritus of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography at Florida State University and the founder of COAPS, passed away on September 20. Throughout the course of his career, Dr. O'Brien taught, performed research, served on numerous boards and honorary societies, and mentored countless students and young scholars.  Services will be Monday, Oct. 3 @ 11:00 at Good Shepherd Catholic Church.

Matt Reagan Tweet

When FSU meteorology student Matt Reagan and 10 other students decided to provide live coverage of hurricane Hermine, little did he know that he would have a worldwide audience. Matt's #Hermine tweets made him a go-to source for many news organizations, including ABC national news. He did live reports for radio shows in the UK and Ireland, and then the BBC World Service called and Matt soon found himself speaking to the BBC's 30 million listeners.

Moon/Earth Collision Illustration from The Verge

A new study has measured the isotopic composition of potassium in lunar samples and found a small enrichment in the heavy isotope of potassium in lunar samples. The study claims this is evidence of an extremely violent formation of the Moon, and a more extreme scenario than previous models depict. EOAS Prof Munir Humayun explains to the Verge the implications and limitations of the new study, both of which are exciting.  (Accompanying illustration from The Verge)

Lightning and Palm Trees

In the southern United States, an afternoon thunderstorm is common. But new research shows those storms might be doing more than bringing scary thunder and lightning. A new study published by EOAS Assistant professor Christopher Holmes, states that thunderstorms have 50% higher concentrations of mercury than other rain events. “The mercury is being transported into our region by winds, and thunderstorms are bringing it down to the earth,” Holmes said.

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