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Dr. Michael Farrar
Mon, 2016/08/08 - 1:51pm

Congratulations to Meteorology alum Dr. Michael Farrar (Ph.D. 1997) on being named Director of NCEP's Environmental Modeling Center, more commonly known as EMC, effective August 7.

Irene Sans
Tue, 2016/06/21 - 3:39pm


EOAS Alum Irene Sans is featured on the American Meteorological Society's (AMS) Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Program (CBM). The Certified Broadcast Meteorologist program was established to grant recognition to broadcast meteorologists who meet established criteria for scientific competence and effective communication skills in their weather presentations. 

Jacob Carstens
Thu, 2016/06/09 - 2:06pm

Congratulations to Jacob Carstens, an EOAS meteorology undergraduate student who has been awarded an American Meteorological Society’s Orville Family Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship is actively sponsored by Dr. Richard E. Orville at Texas A&M and includes funding to travel to Seattle for the AMS conference in January.

Sea turtle research in Brazil
Wed, 2016/06/01 - 3:57pm

EOAS Professor Dr.

Mantle Subduction
Wed, 2016/05/11 - 3:10pm


Subduction zones are characterized by significant geological activities including arc volcanism and earthquakes. At subduction zone settings, hydrated crusts are subducted into the mantle. This releases fluids and rehydrates mantle wedges. It also provides an additional source of aqueous fluid above the slab causing melting and eventually arc volcanism. Often, mantle wedge regions are characterized by anomalously high electrical conductivity signals. Geophysicists have been invoking aqueous fluids with enhanced salinity to explain such observations.