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Mon, 2014/09/22 - 3:15pm

Win a $500 scholarship just by preparing for your future! Enter your Career Portfolio in The Career Center’s contest by October 24th for a chance to win.

Wed, 2014/09/17 - 9:13am

It’s fall Semester and time once again for the Local Forecast Contest. This semester we will be forecasting for one city for the first five (5) weeks of the contest and forecasting for another city for the last five (5) weeks of the contest. This is different from years past where we forecasted for a different city each week.

Dr. Ekaterina Maksimova
Thu, 2014/09/11 - 12:44pm

Dr. Ekaterina Maksimova, (Ph.D. 2012), has received a very prestigious fellowship from the Division of Ocean Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship. This Fellowship will allow Ekatrina to continue her research in the dynamics of ocean circulation in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico with its relation to the ecology of the region. She will affiliate with the College of Marine Science at USF and FSU COAPS.

GREEN Study Abroad Opportunity
Thu, 2014/09/11 - 10:55am

The GREEN Program is now accepting applications for their Iceland, Peru and Philadelphia programs for Winter, Spring & Summer break of 2015.

Wed, 2014/09/10 - 2:44pm

Looking for a winter break 3-credit field course? Study, snorkel & SCUBA dive along the Caribbean coast of Mexico Gain valuable career skills in hands-on ecosystem field research Earn 3 undergraduate transfer credits during winter break

Women in Leadership Institute
Mon, 2014/09/08 - 10:11am

The Women’s Leadership Institute will be held Oct. 24 and 25 on FSU’s campus. The Institute will engage up to 49 undergraduate women in a leadership learning institute; enhance participants’ leadership identity and leadership capacity; increase participants awareness of personal abilities and emotions through honest self-understanding and authenticity, as well as the role they play in developing relationships and capitalizing on difference; and assist participants in learning strategies to create positive sustainable change in their communities.

ISS-RapidScat Artist Concept
Thu, 2014/09/04 - 11:08am

Dr. Mark Bourassa is leading the NASA Ocean Vector Winds Science Team that will work with RapidSCAT data. The RapidSCAT instrument is scheduled to launch Sept. 19 and will be attached to the International Space Station. One novel use for this mission is the examination of the diurnal cycle. Other more typical applications are studies of hurricanes (very early stages of tropical development) and ocean upwelling.

Martian Meteorite
Fri, 2014/08/29 - 2:10pm

Mars exhibits ample evidence for an ancient surface hydrosphere. The Martian meteorite nicknamed Black Beauty is composed of regolith braccia from the heavily cratered terrains of ancient Mars and contains zircon grains dated to 4.5 billion years ago. Dr. Munir Humayun and colleagues continue their research on this fascinating Mars meteorite in a paper published in Nature Geoscience. The paper has been gaining the attention of the international media and several links to different articles are included here.

Mon, 2014/08/25 - 11:27am

The Ecological Center of Akumal (CEA) is now accepting volunteers for the Coral Reef Monitoring Program. Akumal is located in the Mexican Caribbean, on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and the program brings a great opportunity for students who are looking for field experience in reef ecology and biodiversity conservation.

NextGen Climate Florida logo
Mon, 2014/08/25 - 10:04am
NextGen Climate is a nonpartisan organization focused on bringing climate change to the forefront of American politics. They are looking for interns to assist in a 12 week Organizing Program.