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Fri, 2015/07/17 - 2:27pm

Save the Manatee Club is looking to hire an intern for Fall 2015. The successful candidate need not have expensive experience, but a strong work ethic and excellent research and writing skills are a must. The intern will be responsible for assisting conservation staff with a wide variety of tasks, from evaluating permits and water management plans to developing springs education courses for middle school students.

Tue, 2015/07/14 - 3:21pm

Michelle Rotella, an EOAS Meteorology Alum and  currently a meteorologist in Hagerstown, MD, will be competing on a new reality show, America's Next Weatherman, to earn cash and prizes, along with an on-camera appearance broadcasting the weather on CNN.

To read more about the new TV series and Michelle Rotella's thoughts on the experience, click here.

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Mon, 2015/07/06 - 1:56pm



The Application Deadline is Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

Jonathan Olton, Dwornik Awardee
Mon, 2015/06/29 - 11:51am

Congratulations to an EOAS undergraduate, Jonathan Oulton, who has received the Dwornik Award for the best undergraduate oral presentation at the 46th Lunar & Planetary Science Conference in Houston, TX.  This is an execeptional performance for an undergrad, as there were 128 student presentations designated as candidates for Dwornik awards. Each candidate was evaulated by multiple judges. Awardees were selected on the basis of: (1) consistent high scores, (2) high rankings relative to other presentations, and (3) written comments.

Wed, 2015/06/03 - 2:29pm

On May 7, the FSU Council on Research and Creativity (CRC) held its grants workshop for the 2014-2015 First Year Assistant Professors. The afternoon featured breakout sessions led by successfully funded faculty within specific academic fields. The CRC chose to recognize the top three posters for ‘best in show’ and prizes were awarded. Dr. Knapp, an oceanography professor, was one of those so honored.

Follow this link to view her poster.

Wed, 2015/06/03 - 2:20pm

EOAS Meteorology Professor Dr. Vasu Misra recently published results of a study on the perception that landfalling tropical storms and hurricanes mitigate droughts in the southeastern United States.

Follow this link for more info.

Tue, 2015/06/02 - 9:44am

Preparations for the US Arctic GEOTRACES research trip are being made. If you would like to follow along, the project website can be found here: 

EOAS Professor Dr. William Landing will be part of this mission, and will be responsible for the collection of atmospheric aerosol samples and rain (and snow) samples to measure the input of these essential trace elements to the Arctic Ocean.

Tue, 2015/06/02 - 9:33am


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