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Ecotoxicology Course, Fall 2014
Wed, 2014/04/16 - 12:09pm

EOAS Course Announcement: Fall 2014

Environmental Toxicology OCC 5930-0001 and OCE 4930-0001

Dr. Bill Landing, Instructor ( (850-644-6037

Class Times:  TuTh 9:30am - 10:45am, HCB 0209

Prerequisites:  One year of college chemistry and one year of college biology or permission of the instructor

Megan Alissa Carvajal, Environmental Science graduate
Mon, 2014/04/14 - 9:31am

Megan Alissa Carvajal, a recent graduate of our Environmental Science Program and now in the Masters program of the FSU School of Dance, led graduate students from the School of Dance at Florida State University in organizing and choreographing an event on Saturday, April 12th to celebrate the 2014 National Water Dance. This event was performed to draw awareness to the community of the current water issues we have in the state of Florida and also across the country.

Dr. Jeff Chanton
Tue, 2014/04/08 - 1:36pm

A team of researchers lead by FSU have found new evidence that permafrost thawing is releasing large quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere via plants, which could accelerate warming trends. The research is featured in the latest edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Read the full article here.

Dr. Yang Wang
Tue, 2014/04/08 - 1:12pm

The FSU Council on Research and Creativity (CRC) administers several grant programs to support the development of research and creative endeavors by FSU faculty members. The award provides up to $14,000 toward summer salary support and/or other CRC-approved expenses. Of the 59 proposals received, 29 were funded for a total of $406,000. Dr. Yang Wang's proposal, “Clumped Isotopes in Freshwater Radix Snails in Tibet and Surrounding Regions: Implications for Reconstructing Paleo-Temperature,” was one of the proposals selected for the CRC award.

FYAP Awards
Tue, 2014/04/08 - 9:59am

The Council on Research and Creativity has granted First Year Assistant Professor Awards (FYAP) to Dr. Angela Knapp and Dr. Jeffery Chagnon. The program’s purpose is to give beginning faculty members an opportunity to devote significant time and effort, during their first summer at FSU, to the research and creative activity responsible for their academic careers, including efforts to obtain external funding for their work.

Dr. Angela Knapp (Chemical Oceanography): Characterizing Dissolved Organic Nitrogen Released by Marine Nitrogen Fixtures

Thu, 2014/03/27 - 3:26pm


The EOAS Career Forum was a great success with more than 100 students attending! Thank you to our distinguished panelists Jon Authur, Jon Ahlquist, Jim O’Brien, Bill Maxwell, and Jeffry Evans for a most stimulating and helpful discussion.

Dr. Jeff Chanton
Tue, 2014/03/25 - 4:12pm

Dr. Jeff Chanton and Dr. Jennifer Cherrier have confirmed that methane-derived carbon, likely from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, entered the food web via small particles through a pathway known as methanotrophy.

They published their findings in the December 2013 issue of Environmental Science and Technology Letters.

Mon, 2014/03/17 - 2:50pm

The Versatile PhD website has been established to help STEM, humanities, and social science PhDs identify, prepare for, and succeed in non-academic careers. Graduate students, faculty, postdocs, and staff can access the resources provided by the University.