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Wed, 2015/04/29 - 10:16am

Schmidt Ocean Institute is pleased to announce a new opportunity for students to sail aboard RV Falkor

Tue, 2015/04/21 - 3:29pm

The GLY 4544 Sedimentation & Stratigraphy class took a 3-day field trip to Alabama and eastern Tennessee, with the first stops in the gulf coastal plain of Alabama to look at well-developed Eocene to Pliocene soils and unconsolidated marine sediments. Afterwards, the group spent the rest of the trip in the Valley and Ridge province of the southern Appalachian Mountains in northern Alabama and eastern Tennessee to look at some fabulously exposed middle Cambrian through early Silurian sedimentary rocks deposited in ancient marine and terrestrial environments.

Tue, 2015/04/21 - 10:50am

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Mon, 2015/04/20 - 1:23pm


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Mon, 2015/04/20 - 10:16am

The Bridge Education Abroad Institute (BEAI) plans short programs across the world to provide students with unique opportunities to experience different political cultures while strengthening their leadership and diplomacy skills. The programs draw a diverse group of students together from all over the world to discuss pressing global issues while exchanging cultural values.

Wakulla Springs
Wed, 2015/04/01 - 2:17pm

We are happy to announce that FSU and the Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute have formed a partnership to offer a Florida Springs Field Course at Wakulla Springs this summer. This class will be offered by CPD and FSU, and students from other universities can enroll for 3 credit hours of graduate or undergraduate credit. The class will take place from August 13 to August 20, 2015. Students will study, work, lodge, dine, and learn the science of Florida’s Springs at the beautiful Wakulla Springs Lodge.