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Computing, Scientific & Engineering Openings at NCAR-UCAR

Mon, 2017/01/30 - 9:49am -- shawn

UCAR Human Resources is seeking applicants for a variety of professional openings at NCAR/UCAR.


Software Engineer/Programmer II (17013) College Park, Maryland

HPC Software Engineer/Programmer II (17066) Boulder, Colorado

Software Engineer/Programmer III - GPU (17006) Boulder, Colorado

Software Engineer/Programmer III - National Water Model (17050) Boulder, Colorado


Information Technology/Communications

Systems Administrator II (17060) Boulder, Colorado



Associate Scientist II - Sea-Ice Modeling (17054) Boulder, Colorado

Associate Scientist III - Hydrometeorological Modeler/Analyst (17049) Boulder, Colorado

Associate Scientist III -Training and Management Support Scientist (17051) Boulder, Colorado

Associate Scientist III- Outreach and User Support Scientist (17053) Boulder, Colorado

Land Ice Modeling Scientist I/II/III/IV (17004) Boulder, Colorado

Ocean Modeling Project Scientist I/II (17021) Boulder, Colorado

Postdoctoral Researcher (17042) Boulder, Colorado

Scientist I/II (17045) Boulder, Colorado


All opportunities, including current internship and fellowship solicitations: