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NCEP-EMC Positions Available

Fri, 2017/04/07 - 3:45pm -- shawn


At long last, some key vacant Environmental Modeling Center (EMC) positions have made it to USA-Jobs. This one is for a supervisory GS-15 in the Physical Scientist series (1301), and can be used to fill one of two new positions in the new EMC reorg structure:


  1. Branch Chief of new Verification, Post-processing and Product Generation branch. 
  2. Supervisory lead of Model Physics group under the new Modeling and Data Assimilation branch.

These positions are obviously different, but the job announcement is written broadly enough to allow us to potentially hire for both positions off the same list.  So if you are interested in just one or both, please apply by following the links at the bottom.  Note that these position titles are not listed on the job announcement so you will not be asked to choose one or the other; just apply for the vacancy and the specific position will be handled later in the process.

To add a little more perspective, here are the functional statements for these two new branches:

The Verification, Post-processing and Product Generation Branch (VPPGB) works collaboratively with the community to conduct diagnostic verification studies of model performance on weather and climate time and space scales; processing and quality control of observations; evaluation of new observing systems for the atmosphere, ocean, land surface and cryosphere; data impact studies to evaluate potential improvements in forecast skill with new or improved observing systems; production of ensemble products using models from EMC and external partners; post-processing of model output and generation of products for use by internal and external users and partners.  The VPPGB publishes research results in various media for dissemination to the world oceanographic and meteorological community.

The Modeling and Data Assimilation Branch (MDAB), through internal resources and in collaboration with other institutions, conducts a program of applied research and development (R&D) in support of the National Weather Service (NWS) operational mission of Earth system prediction through environmental modeling of the atmosphere, oceans, sea ice and land surface, across spatial and temporal scales.   Associated R&D activities include, but are not limited to, four-dimensional data assimilation of satellite and conventional observations; advanced numerical modeling techniques;  coupled interactions between the atmosphere, ocean, land and ice surfaces for both weather and climate; parameterization of sub-grid scale processes; modeling of ocean waves and storm surges; reanalysis studies for archival and use by the scientific community; and other modeling and support for specific NWS mission areas, such as support of the National Hurricane Center for tropical prediction.  The MDAB publishes research results in various media for dissemination to the world oceanographic and meteorological community.


Supervisory Physical Scientist, GS-1301-15    College Park, MD US

Open Date: 04/07/2017

Close Date  04/20/2017

NWS-NCEP-2017-0034 (MAP)

NWS-NCEP-2017-0035 (DE)