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Research Physical Scientist-NASA Civil Service Position

Thu, 2017/06/29 - 8:37am -- shawn


This position posted June 27 and will remain open until July 18, 2017. All qualified persons with US citizenship are encouraged to apply. Please also feel free to forward this announcement to your colleagues within the community as we wish to attract the broadest, most diverse and best possible pool of qualified candidates for the position. Contact Bruce Doddridge, if you have questions about the position.



Research Physical Scientist, AST, Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics, GS-1301-11/12, LA17D0026



POSITION: Research Physical Scientist, AST, Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics, GS-1301-11/12, promotion potential to GS-13

LOCATION: Chemistry and Dynamics Branch

OPENING DATE: June 27, 2017

CLOSING DATE: July 18, 2017

AREA OF CONSIDERATION: U.S. citizens and U.S. nationals


The Chemistry and Dynamics Branch within the Science Directorate is seeking an individual to serve as a Research Physical Scientist, responsible for interpreting physical and chemical observations of the troposphere using atmospheric data analysis. A major research focus is the interpretation of airborne chemical data gathered in coordinated field campaigns, especially those sponsored by NASA’s Tropospheric Composition Program. A major operational focus is to develop improved architectures for synthesis, integration, sub-setting, archival and stewardship of airborne campaign and associated data sets. The incumbent will work within a team conducting interpretative analysis of in-situ and remotely sensed observations of trace gases and of the physical and optical properties of aerosols. Works within a team that develops, recommends and/or implements improvements to current airborne data standards at NASA, and other agencies and organizations. Research is coordinated with colleagues at NASA, other government agencies, universities and non-governmental organizations.

This position will be filled at either the GS-11 or GS-12 level. Promotion to the full performance level of GS-13, may occur when eligible and recommended by management. Identification of promotion potential in this position does not constitute a commitment or an obligation on the part of management to promote the employee. Promotion will depend upon administrative approval and the continuing need for an actual assignment and performance of higher level duties.

Additional details are available at the following websites prior to the closing date: