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Two Positions Available at CIMMS at the University of Oklahoma

Tue, 2017/06/06 - 1:20pm -- shawn

Position one:  The University of Oklahoma CIMMS Research Associate/Scientist

The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) at The University of Oklahoma (OU) seeks to fill a Research Associate/Scientist position for its collaborative research as a Cooperative Institute with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) at the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma. The Research Associate/Scientist will contribute to NSSL’s Warn-on-Forecast and Spectrum Efficient National Surveillance Radar (SENSR) research effort.


The SENSR is a replacement surveillance capability that seeks to address the reallocation and sharing of federal set-aside radio frequency spectrum, cross-agency mission efficiency, national radar consolidation and reduced overall life cycle cost. An important goal of this effort is to evaluate the impact of assimilating weather radar data collected by the adaptive and rapid-scan Phased Array Radar (PAR) technology, which is at least 4-5 times faster than the scanning rate of the current operational WSR-88D, on convective-scale forecasts, using the prototype Warn-on-Forecast system. The incumbent in this position will study the impact of PAR storm observations on the convective-scale ensemble forecasting system’s depiction and forecast of storm location, motion, mode, attributes, etc. that ultimately may be used to increase warning lead times for threats related to severe and hazardous convective weather, e.g., tornadoes, flash floods, large hail and damaging winds. The work will be performed in close collaboration with scientists at OU’s Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS). The dynamic research and operational working environment at the National Weather Center will provide the candidate with ample opportunities for career advancement.


The incumbent will conduct experiments on how to best assimilate high-temporal-resolution PAR storm observations in a convective-scale numerical model using an ensemble-based data assimilation approach.
The incumbent will publish the results in peer-reviewed literature and present them at conferences.

Required Qualifications:

1. A MS Degree (or higher) in meteorology, atmospheric science or closely related area.
2. Experience with convective-scale numerical weather prediction (NWP) models (WRF-ARW), ensemble data assimilation software (e.g. GSI EnKF, DART) and severe convective weather.
3. Experience with Linux (or Unix) operating systems, programming (e.g., Fortran, C, C++) and scripting (e.g. Python, NCL) skills.
4. Excellent oral and written communication skills (including papers published in or submitted to refereed journals) and an ability to work both independently and cooperatively with others.

Salary and title will be competitive depending on experience and qualifications with University of Oklahoma benefits. Information on benefits may be found at

The start date for the position will be as soon as possible.

To apply for the position, please forward your resume, cover letter and list of three references to:

Tracy Reinke, Executive Director, Finance and Operations
University of Oklahoma CIMMS
120 David L. Boren Blvd., Suite 2100
Norman, OK 73072-7304


Position Two: Research Associate – Satellite Warning Decision Making

The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) at The University of Oklahoma is currently seeking a Research Associate to collaborate with scientists and instructors at the National Weather Service (NWS) Warning Decision Training Division (WDTD) in Norman, OK. The Research Associate will help provide expertise in leading meteorological support for training and education efforts in applying the latest satellite, including GOES-R and JPSS series, data to the warning decision making process.

The duties of this position are:

1. Develop an understanding of the warning decision making process.
2. Acquire skills in the operation of Linux, Windows workstations, and virtual machines.
3. Work with the NWS Office of the Learning Officer (OCLO) and the GOES-R and JPSS proving grounds to develop materials for warning decision making training, and to meet the following performance objectives:

  • Interpret new satellite imagery, data, and derived products at higher spatial, spectral and temporal resolution for identification of hazards related to critical weather observations used for warnings and forecasts.
  • Integrate the application of satellite data into the NWS operational warning process.

4. As part of the training development, the Research Associate will:

  • Integrate satellite data and products into short-term (<6 hours) updates to NWS grids to facilitate situational awareness.
  • Develop collaborative multi-office simulations to support distributed decision making using satellite data and products.
  • Generate multi-office simulations to leverage new WES2 capabilities to reach WFOs, RFCs, Centers, and Partners such as Government decision makers and responders.
  • Serve as the training POC for the Hazardous Weather Testbed (HWT) “Tales of the Testbed” continuous learning webinars.
  • Develop and deliver training to HWT visiting SOOs/DOHs and forecasters.
  • Work with the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) satellite liaison to train WFO forecasters, SOOs, and RFC DOHs on integrating satellite data into the warning satellite liaison to develop improved AWIPS2 visualization displays and operational techniques (Research to Operations).
  • Work with the other satellite liaisons to produce high quality training and to enhance collaboration between WDTD and Centers/Regions.
  • Work with FDTD and COMET as a subject matter expert (SME) for ongoing satellite training for worldwide users.

5. Participate in experimental warning/forecast exercises and WDTD training workshops.
6. Attend meetings and professional conferences to understand new meteorological applications and to interact with the applied-research community.
7. Review technical and professional publications, and attend seminars to stay abreast of current developments in meteorological applications.
8. Perform related duties as assigned.

The minimum qualifications of this position are:

  • A Master’s Degree in Meteorology, Atmospheric Science, or related area;
  • Emphasis will be placed on applicants with considerable computer experience.

Applicants should identify expertise with any of the following areas:

  • Linux (or Unix) operating systems and programming skills (e.g., Python, other object oriented programming, Databases, GIS, web-based, etc.)
  • Emphasis will be placed on applicants with considerable experience in satellite meteorology and its applications to NWS forecast office operations.
  • Human factors/human evaluation
  • Graphic design or illustration
  • Oral and written communications
  • Severe weather, flash flood forecasting, winter weather
  • Warning decision making
  • Working with meso-scale or storm-scale modeling
  • Project management, teamwork

Supervision will be provided by CIMMS staff. Technical oversight will be provided by CIMMS staff, NWS meteorologists, and WDTD management. The appointee will work under general supervision, but is expected to determine action to be taken in handling all but unusual situations. Incumbent can be involved in more than one project.

Normal working hours will be observed except for occasional irregular hours during data collection, warning/forecast experiments, or workshops conducted at remote sites. Incumbents will receive training and gain expertise in the latest training technology and warning decision-making methodologies. Training will occur at the OU Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS, Norman, OK). Incumbents in this position are not expected to supervise other employees, but may serve as leaders of technical teams.

The beginning salary is commiserate with education and experience and comes with University of Oklahoma benefits. Information on benefits may be found at The anticipated start date is July 2017.

To apply for the position, please forward your resume, cover letter and list of three references to:
Tracy Reinke
Executive Director, Finance and Operations
University of Oklahoma CIMMS
120 David L. Boren Blvd. Suite 2100
Norman, OK 73072-7304
Job Reference: WDTD Satellite
The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.