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Dr. Jon E. Ahlquist

Associate Professor
(850) 644-1558

Atmospheric predictability

Dr. Amy Baco-Taylor

Associate Professor
(850) 645-1547

Marine Molecular Ecology

Benthic Ecology

Deep-Sea Coral Ecology

Conservation of Benthic Marine Invertebrates

Dr. Mark A. Bourassa

(850) 645-4788

Air/Sea Interaction

Remote Sensing

Boundary-Layer Meteorology

Tropical Meteorology

Dr. William Burnett

Professor Emeritus
(850) 644-6703

Applications of naturally occuring radio isotopes to address problems in the earth, marine, and environmental sciences

Environmental radioactivity

Dr. Ming Cai

(850) 645-1551

Dynamics of global mass circulation, Climate Change, Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupling

Dr. Jeff Chagnon

Assistant Professor
(850) 644-2752

Mid-Latitude Dynamics Numerical Modeling

Dr. Jeff Chanton

(850) 644-7493

Chemical Oceanography Geochemistry Environmental Geology

Dr. Eric Chassignet

(850) 644-4581

The role of the ocean in climate variability from the complementary perspectives of coupled ocean-atmosphere modeling and observations.

Emphasis on the study of thermohaline circulation, western boundary currents, associated eddies and their impact on the world ocean circulation.

Dr. Allan J. Clarke

(850) 644-2240

Climate Dynamics

El Niño Predictions

Equatorial & Shelf Water Dynamics

Sea Level Rise

Dr. William Dewar

(850) 644-4099

Dyanmics of the ocean at scales from 100 km to 10,000 km, or from the deformation scale to the basin scale.

Dr. Robert G. Ellingson

(850) 644-6292

Physical Meteorology, Thermodynamics, Cloud Physics, Radiative Transfer

Dr. Henry Fuelberg

(850) 644-6466

Synoptic and Mesometeorology, Lightning, Long-range transport of pollutants and emissions

Dr. Mariana Fuentes

Assistant Professor
(850) 644-1118

Marine Conservation

Conservation Planning, Natural Resource Management

Anthropogenic and Climate Change Impacts on Marine Mega-Fauna, especially Marine Turtles

Dr. Robert Hart

(850) 645-1552

Synoptic-Dynamic Meteorology
Tropical Cyclones
Cyclone genesis and development
Tropical-extratropical interactions
Statistical and Numerical weather prediction
Visualization techniques

Dr. Christopher Holmes

Assistant Professor
(850) 645-0972

Atmospheric Chemistry

Climate Change

Atmosphere-Surface Interactions

Dr. Ya Hsueh

Professor Emeritus
(850) 644-6704

Physical Oceanography

Dr. Markus Huettel

(850) 645-1394

Benthic Ecology

Ecology of coastal and shelf environments with emphasis on processes in the sediments and at the sediment-water interface.

Dr. Munir Humayun

(850) 644-1908

Laser ablation microanalysis
Geochemistry of the platinum group elements
Isotope Systematics

Dr. Richard L. Iverson

Professor Emeritus
(850) 644-6205

Biological Oceanography

Marine Ecosystem Dynamics

Dr. Stephen Kish

Associate Professor
(850) 644-2064

Igneous and Metamorphic petrology
Isotope use in geochronological and geochemical studies

Dr. Angela Knapp

Assistant Professor
(850) 644-0259

Nitrogen Cycling
Marine Biogeochemistry
Isotope Geochemistry
Nitrogen Fixation

Dr. Sven Kranz

Assistant Professor
(850) 645-0954

Phytoplankton Ecology

Antarctic and Tropical Oceanic Primary Production


Nutrient Acquisition by Phytoplankton

N2 Fixation by Cynobacteria

Dr. Ruby Krishnamurti

Professor Emeritus
(850) 644-6085

Physical Oceanography

Dr. T.N. Krishnamurti

Professor Emeritus
(850) 644-2210

Tropical Meteorology

Dr. William M. Landing

(850) 644-6037

Biogeochemical cycling of trace elements

Dr. Guosheng Liu

(850) 644-6298

Radiative transfer, Satellite remote sensing and applications to forecasting and climate research

Dr. Ian MacDonald

(850) 644-5498

Deep ocean extreme communities


Dr. Nancy Marcus

Dean, The Graduate School
(850) 644-3501

Dean of the Florida State University Graduate School

Dr. Olivia Mason

Assistant Professor
(850) 645-1725

Marine Microbial Ecology

Dr. Vasu Misra

Associate Professor
(850) 644-2814

Climate variability and predictability

Dr. Mainak Mookherjee

Assistant Professor
(850) 644-1536

Fate of subducted slabs & volatile budgets in the deep Earth

Properties of Earth materials at deep Earth conditions using experiments & first principle simulations

Understanding of the water budget in the deep Earth

Dr. Sharon E. Nicholson

(850) 644-4022

Tropical meteorology

Dr. Jaap Nienhuis

Assistant Professor
(850) 644-0000

Morphodynamic modelling
Sediment transport
River deltas and estuaries
Tidal inlets and barrier islands

Dr. Doron Nof

Professor Emeritus
(850) 644-2736

Movement of fluids within the ocean & its relationship to the atmosphere above

Dr. Leroy Odom

(850) 644-6706

Isotopic geochemistry
ESR dosimitry and thermometry

Jeremy Owens

Assistant Professor
(850) 644-5018
Paleooceanography & Paleoclimatology Biogeochemistry Isotope Geochemistry Stratigraphy Sedimentary Geochemistry

Dr. William C. Parker

Associate Professor
(850) 644-1568

Evolutionary Paleontology
Multivariate Data Analysis

Dr. Richard L. Pfeffer

Professor Emeritus

Dynamic Meteorology

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Founder of the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute

Dr. Peter S. Ray

(850) 644-1894

Physical Meteorology
Doppler Radar
Microphysical retrieval
Cloud Modeling

Dr. Vincent J.M. Salters

(850) 644-1934

Trace element & isotope geochemistry

Dr. Kevin Speer

(850) 645-4846

Deep currents & polar circulation

Dr. Robert Spencer

Associate Professor
(850) 644-9205


Dr. Raymond Staley

Professor Emeritus
(850) 644-6205



Dr. Mike Stukel

Assistant Professor
(850) 645-0960

The Biological Pump

Plankton Trophic Dynamics

The Balance of New and Export Production

Th-234 Flux

Biogeochemical Modeling

Dr. Wilton Sturges III

Professor Emeritus
(850) 644-3838

Physical Oceanography

Dr. Philip Sura

Associate Professor
(850) 644-1268

Stochastic-dynamical understanding of extreme climate events

Dr. David Thistle

Professor Emeritus
(850) 644-4089

Benthic Ecology, Emergence of Primarily Benthic Organisms, Range sizes of Deep-Sea Species

Dr. James F. Tull

Department Chair
(850) 644-1448

Structural and metamorphic core evolution
Thrust belt evolution
Tectonic modeling of Paleozoic orogenic belts, emphasis on Appalachian and Caledonian mountain systems
Successor basin formation and genesis

Dr. Yang Wang

(850) 644-1121

Paleoclimate and paleoecology
Food webs in modern and fossil ecosystems
Biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nutrients

Dr. Georges Weatherly

Professor Emeritus
(850) 644-6205

Sub-thermocline ocean circulation

Bottom boundary layers

Circulation in the Gulf of Mexico

Coastal oceanography

Dr. John W. Winchester

Professor Emeritus
(850) 576-0954

Atmospheric and environmental chemistry

Public understanding of science

Dr. Allison Wing

Assistant Professor
(850) 644-2245

Tropical Convection and Climate
Tropical Cyclones

Dr. Sherwood 'Woody' Wise, Jr.

Professor Emeritus
(850) 644-6265
Marine Geology

Dr. Zhaohua Wu

Associate Professor
(850) 645-7463

Atmospheric and climate dynamics

Dr. Ming Ye

(850) 644-3743


Groundwater reactive transport modeling

Uncertainty quantification


Dr. Seth Young

Assistant Professor
(850) 644-2703

Stratigragraphy and Sedimentary Geochemistry

Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry

Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology

Carbon and Sulfur Cycling