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Dr. Sherwood 'Woody' Wise, Jr.

Professor Emeritus
Member, Omicron Delta Kappa Professional Society
Ph.D., University of Illinois
Phone: (850) 644-6265
Office: CAR221

I am a marine geologist that uses micropaleontology (primarily of calcareous nannofossils [coccoliths], silicoflagellates, and diatoms) to elucidate modern and ancient climates and oceanography. We also look at the physical and chemical properties of carbonate and siliceous sediments, including their origins and subsequent changes via diagenesis. We obtain our research materials primarily on research cruises and expeditions in the world's oceans with a particular emphasis on the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. Our Antarctic materials are stored at FSU in our Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility and its NSF-Office of Polar Program's National Core Repository.

I train students at the microscope from the primary literature in a series of micropaleontology courses so that they can participate independently in their own oceanographic expeditions at sea where I can't be there to help them. Over 45 of my enrolled students have sailed with the scientific drilling program, currently on the JOIDES Resolution, to discover for themselves the thrill of scientific discovery.