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Studying the environment is more than one major or one field of study. As a scientist, you have the choice to concentrate on one aspect of the environmental sciences like biology, chemistry, geology, etc., you can focus on applied sciences like engineering or even get a little bit of everything with the new degrees in Environmental Science. If you are more interested in humanities and public policy, then a degree in Environmental Science and Policy might be a good choice.

At FSU, we offer students a spectrum of environmental degrees that vary between rigorous math requirements to those programs which focus more on the human political dimension.


Environmental Science



Ms. Paige Phillips ( is the primary contact for students interested in the Meteorology undergraduate degree programs, and the departmental contact

Visit our Career Corner for tips on preparing a Curriculum Vitae (CV), and for Environmental Career information.

Mr. Tim McGann ( is the primary contact for students interested in the Environmental Science  and Environmental Science & Policy undergraduate degree program.

Dr. Bill Parker ( is the primary contact for students interested in the Geology undergraduate degree program.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

All undergraduates must meet certain Florida State University and College of Arts & Sciences requirements.

Requirements for all undergraduate Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science degrees:

  1. College of Arts & Sciences Requirements
  2. Liberal Studies Checklist
  3. Mathematics Placement
  4. Math Eligibility
  5. Liberal Studies Requirements
  6. Guidelines & Information for the Language Requirement
  7. General Bulletin -EOAS department
  8. Course Lookup Search Form