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Spring 2014 Schedule




Course      SectionClass #TitleBegin Time    End Time        DaysRoom    Instructor
GLY 100000011065Dynamic Earth11:00:00 AM12:15:00 PMTR101 CARWang
 00021066 12:30:00 PM 1:45:00 PMTR101 CARStaff
GLY 1000L00018677Dynamic Earth Lab9:05:00 AM12:05:00 PMM109 CAR 
 00028678 12:20:00 PM3:20:00 PMM109 CAR 
 00038679 3:35:00 PM6:35:00 PMM109 CAR 
 00048680 7:00:00 PM10:00:00 PMM109 CAR 
 00058681 9:30:00 AM12:30:00 PMT109 CAR 
 00068682 2:00:00 PM5:00:00 PMT109 CAR 
 00078698 6:45:00 PM9:45:00 PMT109 CAR 
 00088699 9:05:00 AM12:05:00 PMW109 CAR 
 00098700 12:20:00 PM3:20:00 PMW109 CAR 
 00108701 3:35:00 PM6:35:00 PMW109 CAR 
 00118702 7:00:00 PM10:00:00 PMW109 CAR 
 00128703 9:30:00 AM12:30:00 PMR109 CAR 
 00138705 2:00:00 PM5:00:00 PMR109 CAR 
 00158708 9:05:00 AM12:05:00 PMF109 CAR 
 00168710 12:20:00 PM3:20:00 PMF109 CAR 
GLY 103000011068Envir. Issues in GLY3:35:004:50:00TR201 MCH 
GLY 110200011067Dinos & Disasters2:00:00 PM3:15:00 PMTR101 CARWise
 00027791Dinos & Disasters10:10:00 AM11:00:00 AMMWF303 BRYParker
GLY 2010C00016500Physical Geology3:35:00 PM4:50:00 PMMW209 HCBStaff
 00026502 2:00:00 PM3:15:00 PMTR315 CAROdom
 0003lab 2:00:00 PM4:00:00 PMM315 CAR 
 0004lab 9:00:00 AM11:00:00 AMW315 CAR 
 0005lab 12:00:00 PM2:00:00 PMF315 CAR 
 0006lab 3:30:00 PM5:30:00 PMR315 CAR 
GLY 210000011078Historical Geology3:35:00 PM4:50:00 PMTR101 LOVParker
GLY 2100L00016503Historical GLY Lab10:00:00 AM12:00:00 PMM217 CAR 
 00026505 1:00:00 PM3:00:00 PMR217 CAR 
GLY 303900016222Energy11:00:00 AM12:15:00 PMTR209 HCBHumayun
GLY 3310C00016506Ignous Metphc Petrol12:30:00 PM1:45:00 PMTR315 CARSalters
 0002lab 2:00:00 PM41:00:00 PMT216 CAR 
 0003lab 10:00:00 AM12:00:00 PMW216 CAR 
 0004lab 2:30:00 PM4:30:00 PMW216 CAR 
GLY 3400C00016219Structural Geology9:30:00 AM10:45:00 PMTR106 CARTull
 0002lab 9:00:00 AM11:00:00 AMM315 CAR 
GLY 4544C00016508Sedimentation/Strat1:00:00 PM2:15:00 PMMW310 CARParker
  lab 2:30:00 PM5:00:00 PMR216 CAR 
GLY 4751C00016509Remote Sensing & GIS3:35:00 PM4:50:00 PMT315 CARKish
  lab 5:15:00 PM6:30:00 PMT103 CAR 
GLY 4751C00026510Remote Sensing & GIS3:35:00 PM4:50:00 PMT315 CARKish
GLY 4751C0002 lab5:15:00 PM6:30:00 PMW103 CAR 
GLY 488400016515Environmentl Geology1:25:00 PM2:15:00 PMMWF209 HCBStaff
GLY 4905000110388Dis/Tectonics9:30:00 AM10:45:00 AMTR315 CARFarris
GLY 4905000210412Dis/Basin Analysis2:30:00 PM3:45:00 PMMW Lundberg
GLY 4989000110186Honors Work     
GLY 5265000110222Nuclear Geology    Odom
GLY 529700016516Adv Tops Geochemistry2:00:00 PM5:00:00 PMRMag LabWang
GLY 5395000110189Adv Topics Petrology/Igneous &
12:30:00 PM1:45:00 PMTR315 CARSalters
GLY 542500016517Tectonics9:30:00 AM10:45:00 AMTR315 CARFarris
GLY 5577000110379Basin Analysis2:30:00 PM3:45:00 PMMW Lundberg
GLY 5595000110212Adv Topics Sedim-Strat/Grad
1:00:00 PM2:15:00 PMMW310 HCBParker
GLY 5595000210223Adv Topics Sed-Strat/Petroleum Geology
GLY 5696C00016518Mesoz Plank Calc Nan1:00:00 PM3:00:00 PMMW218 CARWise
GLY 582600016519Numcl Modling Grndwtr11:15:00 AM12:30:00 PMMW315 CARHu
GLY 593100016521Graduate Seminar    Maxwell
GLY 698200016522Doctoral Seminar    Maxwell


Meteorology Program Class Schedule


CourseSectionRef #TitleBegin Time     End Time       DaysRoomInstructor
MET 101000011069Intr to Atmosphere10:10:00 AM11:00:00 AMMWF103 HCBRay
 00021070 12:30:00 PM1:45:00 PMTR101 LOVRay
 00036570    onlineRay
MET 1010L00016646Introdry Meteor Lab11:00:00 AM12:55:00 PMT307 LOVTA
 00026647 12:20:00 PM2:15:00 PMW307 LOVTA
 00036648 9:30:00 AM11:25:00 AMR307 LOVTA
 00046649 12:20:00 PM 2:15:00 PMF307 LOVTA
MET 2507C00011090Weather Analysis Foreca 2:00:00 PM 3:15:00 PMT310 HCBTA
MET 2507C00036717Weather Analysis Foreca Lab8:00:00 AM9:15:00 AMM307 LOVTA
MET 2507C00046718  8:00:00 AM9:55:00 AMF307 LOVTA
MET 3220C00016627Meteorol Computation11:15:00 PM12:05:00 PMMW307 LOVSura
MET 3220C  lab10:10:00 AM12:05:00 PMF307 LOV 
MET 3220C00026628Meteorol Computation8:25:00 AM9:15:00 AMTR307 LOVWu
MET 3220C  lab 8:00:00 AM 9:55:00 AMW307 LOV 
MET 330000011094Intro Atmsph Dynamic2:30:00 PM3:20:00 PMMWR209 HCBAhlquist
MET 394000016629Weathercasting12:30:00 PM1:45:00 PMT353 LOVAhlquist
MET 394000026630Weathercasting9:30:00 AM10:45:00 AMR353 LOVAhlquist
MET 394900019424Coop Educ Work Exper    McDonald
MET 430200011092Atmsphrc Dynamics II12:30:00 PM 1:45:00 PMTR209 HCBCai
MET 4302  lab12:20:00 PM 1:10:00 PMW209 HCB 
MET 4400C00016631Met Instr and Observ9:30:00 AM10:45:00 AMT307 LOVLiu
MET 4400C  lab 2:30:00 PM5:50:00 PMW0022A LOV 
MET 445000011091Atmospheric Physc II11:00:00 AM12:15:00 PMTR215 HCBBourassa
MET 4501C00016633Synoptic Lec-Lab II 2:00:00 PM3:15:00 PMTR305 LOVHart
MET 4501C  lab 2:30:00 PM 5:50:00 PMM307A LOV 
MET 4501C00026634Synoptic Lecture - Lab II2:00:00 PM3:15:00 PMTR307A LOVHart
MET 4501C  lab2:30:00 PM5:30:00 PMW307 LOV 
MET 470500016635Operational Meteorol10:00:00 AM11:00:00 AMMW307 LOVCamp
MET 490000019940Honors Work     
MET 531200016636Adv Dynamic MET II12:30:00 PM1:45:00 PMTR209 HCBCai
MET 5403C00016637Met Instru & Observa9:30:00 AM10:45:00 AMT307 LOVLiu
MET 5403C  lab 2:30:00 PM5:30:00 PMW022A LOV 
MET 540700016641Data Assm & Obj Analysis 9:30:00 AM10:45:00 AMTR309 HCBZou
MET 542100016643Radiative Transfer I11:00:00 AM12:15:00 PMTR305 LOVEllinson
MET 545100016644Adv Physical Met II11:00:00 AM12:15:00 PMTR215 HCBBourassa
MET 545500017173Cloud Physics 9:30:00 AM10:45:00 AMTR305 LOVRay
MET 5506C00016645Adv Syn Lec Lab II 2:00:00 PM 3:15:00 PMTR307B LOVHart
MET 5506C  lab 2:30:00 PM 5:30:00 PMM307B LOV 
MET 5511C00016756Meso-Met Lecture-Lab10:10:00 AM11:00:00 AMMWF305 LOVFuelberg
MET 5511C  lab12:20:00 PM2:15:00 PMM307 LOV 
MET 553300011093Tropcl Meteorology I12:30:00 PM 1:45:00 PMTR305 LOVMisra
MET 593000017204Masters Seminar 3:35:00 PM 4:50:00 PMTR353 LOVSura
MET 693000017205Doctoral Seminar 3:35:00 PM 4:50:00 PMTR353 LOVSura



Oceanography Program Class Schedule


CourseSectionRef #TitleBegin Time     End Time      DaysRoomInstructor
OCB 526400016389Reef Ecology 9:00:00 AM11:30:00 AMF327 OCBHuettel
OCB 593000016748SPC Top/Mar Consev Bio 9:30:00 AM10:45:00 AMTR327 OCBBaco-Taylor
OCC 406000016227Env Sci Modeling 9:05:00 AM9:55:00 AMMWF217 HCBDewar
OCC 541500016391Marine Geochemistry 2:00:00 PM 3:15:00 PMTR327 OSBChanton
OCC 593900016392Chemcl Ocngphy Semr 5:00:00 PM6:00:00 PMM327 OSBLanding
OCE 100100011071Elementry Oceanogrphy12:30:00 PM 1:45:00 PMTR275 FLHFigueroa
OCE 100100021072Elementry Oceangrphy 2:00:00 PM 3:15:00 PMTR275 FLHFigueroa
OCE 100100031074Elementry Oceangrphy 3:35:00 PM 4:50:00 PMTRonlineLanding
OCE 400800011075Princpl Oceanography 2:30:00 PM 3:15:00 PMTR201 MCHMason
OCE 426500017279Coral Reef Ecology   onlineHuettel
OCE 4906000210472Env Sci & Policy Capstone10:00:00 AM12:00:00 PMF327 OSBLanding/Opel
OCE 490600016374Dis/Env Sci BS Capstone 1:00:00 PM 5:00:00 PMW2401 HWCOdom/Salters
OCE 490600016374Env Sci BS Capstone 1:00:00 PM 5:00:00 PMW2401 HWCOdom/Salters
OCE 493000011076Spc Top/Mar Consev Bio 9:30:00 AM10:45:00 AMTR327 OSBBaco-Taylor
OCE 493000021096Sp Top/Simple Phys Env Fluids11:15:00 AM 2:15:00 PMW327 OSBNof
OCE 493000046732Sp Top/Env Policy:20th Cent11:15:00 AM12:05:00 PMMWF220 MCHDoel
OCE 5009L000110015Marine Field Methods    MacDonald
OCP 528500016393Dynamic Oceanography 3:00:00 PM 4:30:00 PMMW433 OSBChassignet
OCP 593000016396Sp Top/Env Sci Modeling 9:05:00 AM 9:55:00 AMMWF217 HCBDewar
OCP 593000026398Sp Top/Simple Phy Env Fluids11:15:00 AM 2:15:00 PMW327 OSBNof