Construction on the new EOAS building

Interested in seeing what’s happening with the construction of the new EOAS science building? We have two cameras following the construction. The first is an EOAS camera atop the Love Building facing east. The second is courtesy of Ajax Construction, atop the Carraway Building facing northwest.  Follow the link below for both views.

Camel crossing the scrubland of Toghdeer region in Somaliland

Eastern Africa faces some of the most extreme climatic events in the world. This includes not only devastating droughts, but also extreme flood conditions, sometimes in the same year. These extreme events have increased in both frequency and intensity in recent years. EOAS Professor Dr. Sharon Nicholson recently published an article in Reviews of Geophysics that gives an overview of the current state of knowledge on the region’s rainfall regime, and its temporal and spatial variability.

Dr. Amy Baco-Taylor

EOAS Associate Professor Dr. Amy Baco-Taylor, in collaboration with a team from Texas A&M University, discovered an odd chain of reefs that suggests there are mysteries about the development and durability of coral colonies yet to be discovered. In an article published in the journal Scientific Reports, the team discuss possible explanations for the reef’s appearance in areas considered impossibly hostile to reef formation.

Dr. Kevin Speer

For fifty years, the FSU Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute (GFDI) has been a global leader in the study of fluid flow and motion. EOAS Professor and GFDI Director Kevin Speer says many insights are still being derived from experiments conducted on the “big table” - a table that simulates the effects of the Earth’s rotation on the movement and circulation of large-scale planetary waves.

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Graduate Degrees

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