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Honors in the Major, Environmental Science and Environmental Science and Policy.

This year (2017-2018) four undergraduates completed honor’s theses, earning the Honors in the Major distinction. Dr. Jeff Chanton is the adviser for this program (

To do this, an undergraduate student in their junior year would find a faculty advisor and do a project under their direction. see

Here are this year’s EVR Baccalaureate theses.

Heather Levy. Using a Call Response Occupancy Survey with Brown-Headed Nuthatches to evaluate the biological Species Concept, Major Professors, Jim Cox and Jeff Chanton.

Alton Pullon. Isotopic Analysis Of Sediment From The Desoto Canyon And Surrounding Channels In The Gulf Of Mexico, Major Professor, Jeff Chanton

Taylor Budine. Bisphenol-A As An Estrogen Mimic Altering Chromatin Structure: Link Between Environmental Toxins And Chromatin Biochemical State, Major Professor, Dr. Jonathan H. Dennis.

Kyle Compare. Using Natural Radon as a Tracer of Groundwater Discharge into Lake Bradford, Florida. Major Professor, William Burnett.


Picture, Heather Levy and Jim Cox.

Picture, Alton with his committee and science aedvisor Bert Wolfe, Ian MacDonald, Alton Pullon, Burt Wolff, and Stephanie Dillon

Picture, Taylor Budine and Jonathan Dennis.

Picture, Kyle Compare and William Burnett