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FAMU partnering with FSU and others on predatory bacteria research

Associate professor Michael Stukel and assistant professor Sven Kranz, from Florida State University’s Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science, are part of a multi-institutional team, led by Florida A&M University and including Virginia Union University and the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, investigating predatory microorganisms through a new National Science Foundation grant.

FAMU’s School of the Environment professor Henry Neal Williams was awarded the three-year, $929,241 NSF Excellence in Research grant — which will support research to advance understanding of the role of predators of bacteria in controlling and structuring bacteria and the cycling of nutrients in the environment.

Stukel and Kranz bring expertise in investigating protistan communities’ diversity, activity, and grazing impact to partner with expertise in bacterial ecology and biogeochemistry provided by their colleagues at FAMU, VUU, and the MagLab.

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