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FSU Weather to begin providing GameDay weather forecasts for FSU Baseball home games

EOAS is happy to announce that the students of the FSU Weather team will begin providing GameDay Forecasts for home baseball games at Dick Howser Stadium, starting from February 17, 2023. The forecasts will be aired as a 15-second clip before each home game, providing fans with important information on what to expect in terms of weather conditions.

Nancy Dignon, the faculty member in charge of FSU Weather, expressed her pride in the students who wanted to pursue this idea. As well as her gratitude to the athletic staff, particularly Chip Baker, for making the forecasts possible and the setup process smooth. She also comments that the students involved in the initiative are excited about the opportunity to provide this service and enhance the fan experience at the games.

Go Noles!

Recording of Opening Day Forecast 2/17/23

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