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The Winchester Fund

“I believe supporting education for people has prospects for large future payback, as measured by the value of resulting knowledge and career advancement.  It is a good investment!”  – Prof. John Winchester

The John W. and Ellen M. Winchester Fund for Excellence in Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Geochemistry, benefiting the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, provides support for undergraduate and graduate students studying earth, ocean, and atmospheric geochemistry. Funds can be used for, but are not limited to: travel to conferences, graduate fellowships, equipment purchasing, guest lectures and other needs that directly impact students in EOAS.

Professor Winchester’s generosity has allowed us to offer graduate student stipends for our new faculty members so that they can recruit outstanding new graduate students as soon as they join the department. The Dean of Arts and Sciences has generously agreed to cover the tuition waivers for these new grad students. The Fund has also been used to support dozens of our students to attend scientific conferences, to conduct field work, and to undertake brief research visits to other labs.

The Winchester Fund has supported students in EOAS as follows:
Graduate Student Stipends:9
Scientific Conferences attended:41
Research Travel Supported:10
Career Development Supported:3
Overseas Research Infrastructure Supported:1

Winchester Scholars 2015-2018
Winchester Fund Travel Assistance recipients