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Below is general information, guidelines and links that are required for the diverse group within EOAS.

Departmental Documents

AOR Minima for Faculty
EOAS Committee Chart
Strategic Plan

Departmental Suggestion Box
Room Request Form


Key requests for faculty, staff, and students are handled through an online FSU form. Alan Michels is
in charge of approving all building keys for the EOAS department. Upon submitting a request he will
receive a notification to review it for approval.

Policies and Procedures for requesting keys are as follows:

  • Faculty, staff and students must navigate to the online key request form here
  • For “Request Type” select the radiobutton for “BEST” type keys
  • A form will appear, fill in the form with the requested information.
  • For “Department” select “EARTH, OCEAN & ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE – 069000”
  • Fill in “Alan Michels” for “Building Key Manager Name”
  • Fill in “6446862” for “Building Key Manager Phone #”
  • Fill in “” for “Building Key Manager Email Address”
  • For “Building Number” select “4010 (EOAS BUILDING)”
  • Provide the room number for the key you are requesting.
  • In the comments box please indicate the principal investigator/Professor.
  • Upon submission you will receive an email indicating a pending review for approval.
  • Upon review you will receive an email indicating approval status, the Key Shop takes ~2-3 days
    to cut keys if approval is granted (and more for the Fall Semester).
  • When the key has been cut you will receive a third email to pick-up your key at the Key Shop.
  • You must show your FSU ID Card to receive keys from the Key Shop.
  • When you return your keys, they need to be returned to the Key Shop. If you are unable to do so
    contact the key manager to make other arrangements. Failure to complete these steps may
    impede graduation.
  • The Key Shop is located at 969 Learning Way, Tallahassee, FL 32304
  • Key Shop Request Website

Alan is located in the EOAS building, room 2039. He may be reached by phone at (850) 644-6862 or
by email at


Purchase Request Form
P-Card Reconcile Form

All internal purchases require either a Purchase Request Form be submitted to for approval prior to any commitment of funds. All P-Card purchases require a P-Card Reconcile Form be submitted to following a purchase. Any purchases made without a Purchasing Request Form or P-Card Reconcile Form and Budget Manager Approval risk the requestor having to repay FSU for the cost of the item(s) from non-university funds.

When interested in purchasing items available through a SpearMart vendor, please fill out the Purchase Request Form. On your form, indicate which vendor you would like the purchase to be made from, what items you would like purchased (include the catalog number of the item to avoid purchasing wrong brand, color, size, etc.), and the budget they should be purchased from. If necessary, use the addendum provided on page two of the Purchase Request Form to add additional items. If not necessary, leave blank. The Purchasing Program Associate will send the request to the appropriate Budget Manager and receive approval to make the purchase. If the Budget Manager denies the purchase request, the Purchasing Associate will return the Purchase Request Form to the Requestor detailing why it was rejected and what changes need to be made for approval. If the Budget Manager approves the Purchase Request Form, the Purchasing Associate will submit the purchase in SpearMart and the Requestor will be notified via e-mail of anticipated delivery dates or possible delays.

When the order is delivered, the Requestor will be notified via e-mail to pick up their package in Suite 2008 in the EOAS Building. The Purchasing Associate will take note of the PO number and packing list to receive on the purchase and release payment to the vendor.

We now have an Amazon Business Account here at EOAS. If interested in making a purchase off of Amazon, please send the Purchase Request Form to In the vendor details section of the form type Amazon as the vendor name and leave other vendor fields blank. In the budget section, include what project the charge should be reconciled from after the purchase has been made, as our Account is tied to a department P-Card and cannot be made directly from a specific project or fund number. If the Budget Manager denies the purchase request, the Purchasing Associate will return the Purchase Request Form to the Requestor detailing why it was rejected and what changes need to be made for approval. If the Budget manager approves the Purchase Request Form, the purchase will be submitted and the Requestor will be notified via e-mail of anticipated delivery dates or possible delays. When the order is delivered, the Requestor will be notified via e-mail to pick up their package in Suite 2008 in the EOAS Building.

If assigned a Procurement Card and interested in using your P-Card to make a purchase, first make sure that the intended purchase is an allowable P-Card expense. FSU has a list of Prohibited purchases which are not allowable on a P-Card regardless of the funding source and can lead to the cardholder being charged with a violation of program rules by the Procurement office. The list of those prohibited purchases can be found here. If the expense is allowable you may make the purchase on your P-Card. After the purchase has been made and a receipt is received, forward all related receipts and the P-Card Reconcile Form to On the P-card Reconciliation form the P-Card Holder should indicate what budget or project number the purchase should be attributed to for reconciliation. The filled out form will be forwarded to the appropriate Budget Manager for approval. If the Budget Manager denies the P-card Reconcile Form, the Purchasing Associate will return the P-Card Reconciliation Form to the P-Card Holder detailing why it was rejected and what changes need to be made for approval. If the Budget Manager approves the P-Card Reconciliation Form, the Program Associate/P-Card Proxy will reconcile the charges as necessary.

Please note: All receipts should be forwarded the same day a purchase is made. Receipts should be itemized, show that no tax has been charged (P-Card Tax Exemption rules can be found here), and should show only the last four digits of the method of payment used.

If you do not have a P-Card assigned to you and you would like to use a Department P-Card to make a purchase, please submit a Purchasing Request Form to Check the Dept. P-Card box and fill in the form with as much detail about the purchase as available. If the Form is approved, the purchase will be made and the Requestor will be updated with expected delivery details. If the form is approved but the purchase requires additional information to be completed, such as login or shipping information, the Purchasing Associate or the Business Manager will be in contact with you to complete the purchase. When the purchase is complete, all receipts or invoices should be forwarded to the EOAS Purchasing e-mail. A P-Card Reconciliation Form will NOT need to be submitted with receipts as the Purchasing Request Form was already submitted with all the necessary information to reconcile.

IMPORTANT: FSU no longer reimburses unencumbered expenses. Please do not make purchases that you wish to have reimbursed from any FSU funds.  Speak with the Purchasing Associate or Business Manager to find alternative ways to make your purchase that will be in compliance with current FSU policies.

Machine Shop Procedures

The shop is equipped as an electronics lab and machine shop to build scientific equipment that are not commercially available. Daniel Dominguez is the supervisor and can service most electronic equipment, fabricate circuits, 3D print, program controllers, and write software. Dave Oliff is the shop machinist and can work with most metals and those plastics with good machining properties (e.g. acrylic). There is some capability for welding, sheet metal work, and woodworking. Within these limitations, the staff tries to build almost anything. Some examples include, digital control systems, sensor instruments, data processing algorithms, air samplers, water samplers, sediment samplers, incubation chambers, and laboratory filter holders.

If you have a deadline, you should start planning as soon as possible. Bring the shop into the planning process when the proposal is being written, and keep the shop informed as the project progresses. The shop mostly handles small (day or less to complete) to medium (less than a few weeks) size jobs to accommodate all needs. For more information on ordering materials or designing and fabricating equipment, you can reach the shop supervisor Daniel Dominguez via email at or by phone (850) 644-6840.


EOAS Travel Request Form
EOAS No Funds Travel Form
EOAS Virtual Travel Form
Guest Traveler Profile Form

General Travel:

TRAVEL POLICY UPDATES – Travel request must be submitted one of two ways, NO EXCEPTIONS:

1)      A) Everyone is welcome to submit your own travel request in Concur; must be submitted 3 weeks prior to travel.  A request just requires cost estimates, and the expenses will occur after all receipts are reconciled from the trip.  Make sure that you assign Diane Grubbs as your delegates so they may be able to help if needed.


B) If you do not feel comfortable submitting your own request, the EOAS Department’s Travel Request Form needs to be fully completed and submitted to the appropriate Budget Manager six weeks prior to your trip departure.  Please fill out the form completely, then send it to the appropriate Grant or Budget Managers for fund verification; they will pass it along to me.  Travel information and Forms are located on the EOAS Website – Department Info – About Us – Internal Resources.

2)      Airfare must be purchased within the Concur System; use the FSU Credit Card provided (with a small charge) or a TCard.


1)      Please update your Profile information in the Concur System and be sure to update your delegates’ names to Diane Grubbs.

2)      If you need to use one of the Departmental Vehicles for your Travel, please reserve the vehicle with Alan Michels AND add that information to your Travel Request Form or in Concur.

3)      DO NOT PAY for an ABSTRACT FEE with your Credit Card – IT MUST BE PAID WITH A PCARD!  This is an FSU POLICY, and you will not be reimbursed if you pay for it with your personal Credit Card.

4)      Be sure to look at Accommodations prices in Concur FIRST before going to other sites (ex., Expedia. Com, etc.).  These prices are Government Rates and are usually cheaper than most other published rates

5)      Avis Rental Car is the FSU approved Car Rental Company at this time.  Please sign up for a rental car through the FSU Travel Website (personal or business) – link is

6)      On-site Training Sessions can be provided for all Faculty and Staff from the FSU Travel Department; please let me know if you have interest in setting up a quick training session.

Virtual Travel:

Virtual Travel does not need to be approved with the VP’s Office since it is not considered Travel, however, a Virtual Travel Form does need to be completed and sent to the EOAS-PURCHASING@FSU.EDU for processing.  This type of Travel is paid with the Purchase Card.  If you are paying for the Abstract and/or Conference Fee, these expenses should be paid with the Purchase Card not the Travel Card.  Please see the Virtual Travel Request Form below.

No Funds Travel:

No Funds Request Travel Authorization Form is needed when there are  no funds needed from FSU for the travel you are taking.  This form is usually necessary when a party other than FSU is paying for the Travel Expenses.  Your Supervisor must sign the form and forwarded to with a copy to  This travel will need to be entered into the Concur System for Worker’s Comp Insurance purposes and to know your location during your travel.  Please see No Funds Request Travel Authorization Form below.

Guest Traveler Profile Form:

If you have a Traveler who is not an employee or is not a paid student by FSU, A Guest Traveler form must be completed before they can be paid for their travel.  Their information must be completed and submitted to FSU’s Travel Department for a guest ID number.  Once the guest ID number is assigned the Travel can be processed in the Concur System.  Also, if a student has graduated and is no longer listed in the Concur System, a guest ID number also has to be assigned so they can be paid for any outstanding travel.  Once Travel Department Guest Form is completed, please forward a copy to Travel Rep at and a copy to Diane Grubbs at  Please see Travel Department Guest Profile Form below.


There are 9 vehicles within EOAS department:

EOAS List of Vehicles
FSU ID# Description Tag#
1303 2019 Ford Transit 15 Pass. YQ464
1304 2019 Ford Transit 15 Pass YQ465
1319 2019 Ford F250 SD 4X4 YR078
1272 2018 Dodge Durango SUV YM979
1069 2013 Ford 15 Passenger Van 26821
1090 Ford F250 SD Pickup Ext Cab YE787
221 2010 Ford 15 Passenger Van YD300
975 2007 Chevy Cargo 3500 YA063
901 2005 Chevy Silverado Pick-up Truck 39497



  • To Reserve EOAS Vehicles, please review Using, Return, Refueling and In Case of Accident sections below and then submit Vehicle request form .


  • You must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Record your name and the starting and ending mileage in the log book.
  • If the vehicle breaks down, contact your professor.


  • Refuel; do not leave the vehicle with less than 5/8 of a tank.
  • Clean; do not leave the vehicle interior or cargo space dirty.
  • Replace any seating that you may have removed.
  • Verify that all lights, A/C and accessories are turned off.
  • Remove and secure hitch and accessories if applicable.
  • Return the vehicle to its assigned parking space and lock it up.
  • Report vehicle problems to Alan at


  • Inside each vehicle there is a key for the gas cap lock, and a red key for operating the fuel pump.
  • Fuel pumps are located in the facilities parking lot west of the Mendenhall Bldg. #77.
  • After hours: not available. Refuel as soon as possible, i.e. the next day.
  • At the pumps: insert the red square key into the pump control and follow the prompt.
  • You will need to enter the mileage, so know it before hand.
  • After fueling, make sure you lock the gas cap.

In case of accident:

  • Contact the appropriate law enforcement agency (911 or FSU Police at 850-644-1234).
  • Refer to the Automobile Liability ID Card in the logbook.
  • Obtain driver exchange information.
  • Report accident to supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Report accident to Environmental Health and Safety at 644-6895.


Additional Forms

Florida State University – Graduate School Final Term Degree Clearance Form
Florida State University – Graduate School Manuscript Signature Form