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Below is general information, guidelines and links that are required for the diverse group within EOAS.

Departmental Documents

AOR Minima for Faculty
Strategic Plan



Alan Michels is in charge of ordering/handling all building keys for the EOAS department. Alan is located in the Carraway Building, Room 112. He may be reached by phone at (850) 644-6862 or by email at

Policies and Procedures for requesting keys are as follows:

  • Faculty must send an email to Alan giving authorization for a student to recieve a key to EOAS related lock.
  • Email Alan the student’s email address, FSU Employee ID (found on myFSU), and name (exactly as listed on the FSU ID Card).
  • Alan can then either disburse keys from his office, or will order the keys.
  • The Key Shop takes ~2-3 days (and more for the Fall Semester). To pick-up your keys you must show your FSU ID Card.
  • When returning keys, if your keys came from Alan, they need to be returned to him. If the keys came from the Key Shop, they need to be returned to the Key Shop and the receipt needs to be given to Alan to be reimbursed for the keys. Failure to complete this step may impede graduation.
  • Key Shop Request Website


Machine Shop Procedures

The shop is equipped primarily as a machine shop to build scientific equipment that are not commercially available. Dave Oliff runs the shop and can work with most metals and those plastics with good machining properties (e.g. acrylic). There is some capability for welding, sheet metal work, and woodworking. Within these limitations, the staff tries to build almost anything. Some examples include, air samplers, water samplers, sediment samplers, incubation chambers, and laboratory filter holders.

If you have a deadline, you should start planning as soon as possible. Bring the shop into the planning process when the proposal is being written, and keep the shop informed as the project progresses. Generally, the shop mostly handles small (day or less to complete) to medium (less than a few weeks) size jobs in order to accommodate all users needs. For more information on ordering materials, designing and fabricating equipment you can reach Dave via email at or by phone atĀ (850) 644-6268.



There are 9 vehicles within EOAS department:

EOAS List of Vehicles
FSU ID# Description Tag#
1303 2019 Ford Transit 15 Pass. YQ464
1304 2019 Ford Transit 15 Pass YQ465
1319 2019 Ford F250 SD 4X4 YR078
1272 2018 Dodge Durango SUV YM979
1069 2013 Ford 15 Passenger Van 26821
1090 Ford F250 SD Pickup Ext Cab YE787
221 2010 Ford 15 Passenger Van YD300
975 2007 Chevy Cargo 3500 YA063
901 2005 Chevy Silverado Pick-up Truck 39497




  • You must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Record your name and the starting and ending mileage in the log book.
  • If the vehicle breaks down, contact your professor.


  • Refuel; do not leave the vehicle with less than 5/8 of a tank.
  • Clean; do not leave the vehicle interior or cargo space dirty.
  • Replace any seating that you may have removed.
  • Verify that all lights, A/C and accessories are turned off.
  • Remove and secure hitch and accessories if applicable.
  • Return the vehicle to its assigned parking space and lock it up.
  • Report vehicle problems to Alan at


  • Inside each vehicle there is a key for the gas cap lock, and a red key for operating the fuel pump.
  • Fuel pumps are located in the facilities parking lot west of the Mendenhall Bldg. #77.
  • After hours: not available. Refuel as soon as possible, i.e. the next day.
  • At the pumps: insert the red square key into the pump control and follow the prompt.
  • You will need to enter the mileage, so know it before hand.
  • After fueling, make sure you lock the gas cap.

In case of accident:

  • Contact the appropriate law enforcement agency (911 or FSU Police at 850-644-1234).
  • Refer to the Automobile Liability ID Card in the logbook.
  • Obtain driver exchange information.
  • Report accident to supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Report accident to Environmental Health and Safety at 644-6895.

Additional Forms

Florida State University – Graduate School Final Term Degree Clearance Form
Florida State University – Graduate School Manuscript Signature Form