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Resource Map

Provided here is a resource map, which outlines existing resources that incoming and existing students and faculty/staff may find helpful during their time at Florida State University. Within this resource map are resources we have at our organization (e.g. counseling and psychological services, affinity groups, recurring events) and within the city of Tallahassee (e.g. meet-up/social/hobby groups, religious or spiritual communities, and businesses like barbershops and hairdressers). We hope that by providing these resources, new and existing students/faculty/staff can establish a supportive network and develop a sense of community.

Resources within Florida State University

For Anyone:

Directory of organizations at Florida State University:
Can select categories to narrow organization search, such as religious/spiritual, academic, professional, recreational.

Current FSU Affinity Groups:
This includes: Association of Chinese Professors at FSU (, Black Faculty and Staff Network (, LatinX Faculty Staff Network (;, Queer Professionals Network (, South Asian Noles Association (, Veterans Friends and Family Group (, Women in STEM (no email found but there is a facebook group you can message through).

FSU Diversity Programs and Organizations:
This includes campus centers (e.g. Civil Rights Institute, Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement), campus offices (e.g. Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office, Student Disability Resource Center), campus programs (e.g. African-American Studies Program, Middle East Center, FSU Graduate Women in Science), committees and councils (e.g. FSU National High Magnetic Field Lab Diversity Committee), and alumni networks (e.g. FSU Black Alumni, FSU Asian American Alumni, FSU LGBTQ+ Alumni).

University Health Services:
In-person services include well and preventative physicals, diagnostic imaging, immunizations, allergy injections, acute illness and injury, physical therapy, dental and chiropractic care, nutrition consultation, wellness coaching, sexual health consultation, and lab services.

Skills and Training:
EH & S Trainings:
SCUBA Certification:
CPR/AED/First Aid trainings:
Adult swim lessons:
Group/Personal Fitness training:

For Students:

University Counseling Center:
Location: 2nd floor of the Askew Student Life Building
Examples of services include alcohol/drug, couples counseling, crisis intervention, eating disorders, group counseling, and individual counseling. Students whose needs cannot be met by the UCC may be referred to other departments or services on campus and/or in the community.

Renting Outdoor Gear (e.g. sleeping bags, tents, backpacks) from Campus Rec. Need to make rental reservations a week in advance and pick up gear from FSU Rez (5 miles from campus).
Graduate Student Training in Teaching: Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE)
Graduate student training to prepare for future faculty work:
Offers coursework, workshops/seminars, and online training to increase graduate student awareness of expectations associated with faculty performance, to increase awareness of resources available to aid in scholarly careers, and to build the students readiness to address research, teaching and related demands of faculty life.

For Faculty/Staff

Employee Assistance Program:
Free and confidential program to support faculty and staff at the university.
Services include brief intervention and short-term counseling, supervisor consults, organizational development (e.g. team building, conflict communication skills), mediation services, debt management (partnering with Debt Management Credit Counseling Corporation). The program also administers FSU’s Emergency Loan Fund (ELF), which is to aid employees facing unexpected financial emergencies. May receive an interest-free loan of up to $1,500, which is repaid through payroll deduction.
Teaching workshops and seminars provided by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching:

The center also has other resources like weekly teaching tips and faculty reading groups.
Budget classes through the FSU Budget Office
Includes information on financial report tools, introduction to auxiliary and designated, auxiliary rate calculation, rate reconciliation, rate and salary budgets.

Off-Campus Resources

Tallahassee Arts Guide:

Note: FSU employees can get discounted rates for art and entertainment experiences:

Religious groups and locations in Tallahassee:

Social groups in Tallahassee: