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Graduate Degree Programs

EOAS Graduate Inquiry Form

Florida State University is one of the nation’s elite research universities — with the Carnegie Foundation’s highest designation. FSU offers a distinctive academic environment built on its cherished values and unique heritage, welcoming campus on the oldest continuous site of higher education in Florida. The location of the university is in the heart of the state capital, surrounded by a precious environment, state parks and nearby pristine beaches.

In the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science (EOAS) we have a broadly unique offering of graduate programs which include degrees in Geology (M.Sc, Ph.D), Environmental Science (currently M.Sc), Meteorology (M.Sc, Ph.D) and Oceanography (M.Sc, Ph.D). Each degree has it’s own requirements and expectations but all of our programs aim to provide the highest quality of education and with intensive research experience.

The goal of our programs is to prepare students for specific careers in academia, government, or industry. Students are encouraged to publish in peer-reviewed literature as part of their dissertation research. Currently, in all of our programs, generally, there is an even split between masters and doctoral candidates.

For those interested, there are several EOAS departmental societies (Florida State University Geological Society, Thalassic Society, Theta Pi Chapter of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Chi Epsilon Pi and North Florida Chapter of the American Meteorological Society) for undergraduates and graduates that enhance the FSU experience and future networking.

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**Prior to submitting an application it is strongly encouraged to contact faculty members with related research interests.**

Environmental Program Information

Fall: April 30th
Spring: September 15th

Geology Program Information

Fall: January 15th
Spring: October 15th

Meteorology Program Information

Fall: January 15th
Spring: November 15th

Oceanography Program Information

Fall: March 15th
Spring: September 15th