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Geology Graduate Degree

  • Mars rover collecting samples to search for evidence of ancient liquid water

  • Field work in the swiss Alps

  • Tracking ancient climate change in the Paleozoic using carbonates of the Basin Range in Utah

  • Columnar basalts from a beach on Kaui, Hawaii

  • Ancient loess (dust) deposit to test Fe fertilization in the geologic record from Aspen, Colorado

  • Dredging the ocean floor for igneous rocks and minerals

  • Field work in Hawaii to better understand mantle geochemistry

  • Investigating biogeochemical feedbacks related to glacial melt in Svalbard

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Fall: January 15th
Spring: October 15th


The Department of Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Science offers advanced degrees in Geological Sciences at both M.S. and Ph.D. levels. The M.S. is a professional degree. It is expected that students graduating with a M.S. degree in Geological Sciences will have acquired the capability and skills to competently evaluate and pursue graduate level research and will also possess a sufficiently broad background in the science for a professional career. The program of study for the M.S. includes formal course work in several areas within Geological Sciences, and a thesis project. Although an M.S. thesis is less comprehensive than a Ph.D. dissertation, it is complete in the sense that it is well-grounded in the scientific style of thinking and method, contains a clear defensible hypothesis, and involves a rigorous method of analysis. Successful completion of the M.S. program involves a significant commitment of time and energy, and a level of understanding, that goes well beyond the expectations of the baccalaureate degree.

A student usually enters the doctoral program in Geology with a degree in a basic science and should have substantial undergraduate/masters work in at least one of the following or related field: geology, chemistry, or physics. Applicants for graduate study will select an area of specialization in geology based on their undergraduate/masters work.

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**Prior to submitting an application it is strongly encouraged to contact faculty members with related research interests.** Students are admitted by a vote of the Geology Graduate Admissions Committee.

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Geology degree requirements – Current Graduate Handbook

Application Inquries

Application Checklist
Advisor: Michaela Lupiani
(CAR111 and OSB333A)
Phone: (850) 644-7443

University deadlines may differ. Please refer to the FSU Office of Graduate Admissions for University deadlines. You are advised to submit your application and supporting materials at least three months in advance of the semester you wish to enter. You may apply later than these department guidelines, but there are less likely to be openings available.