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Dr. Bajgain
Suraj Bajgain
Mentor: Mainak Mookherjee

• Mineral Physics
Bhardwaj Photo
Amit Bhardwaj
Mentor: Vasu Misra

• Extending SHIPS Hurricane Intensity Forecasts with some FSU Dynamical Variables
Dr. Basu Photo
Abhisek Basu

Dean’s Postdoctoral Fellow
Mentor: Mainak Mookherjee

•Processes in planetary interiors
•Mineral physics
•Material behavior at pressure-temperature
Dr. Carlson
Daniel Carlson
Mentor: William Dewar

• Lagrangian Transport Submesoscale Remote Sensing
Dr. Chen
Xinming Chen
Mentor: Jeremy Owens

• Trace metal isotope geochemistry
• Biogeochemical cycling of elements on Earth’s surface
• Evolution of Earth’s atmosphere
Dr. Xu Chen Photo
Xu Chen
Mentor:Eric Chassignet

• Numerically model the transport and fate of oil in coastal waters
• Feedback between oceanic submesoscale processes and air-sea turbulent fluxes
Dr. Jason Ducker Photo
Jason Ducker
Mentor: Chris Holmes

• Atmosphere-Biosphere interactions
• Data assimilation methods using remote sensing
• Atmospheric chemistry modeling
Dr. Hawkings Photo
Jon Hawkings

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow
Mentor: Rob Spencer

• Biogeochemical cycling of nutrients in glaciated environments (terrestrial and near-shore)
• Mineralogy of glacially derived sediments
• Aqueous geochemistry
• Carbon and iron interactions
Dr. Hwayoung Jeoung
Hwayoung Jeoung
Mentor: Guosheng Liu

• Snowfall Retrieval
• Remote Sensing
Dr. Karmakar Photo
Nirupam Karmakar | (850) 644-2732
Mentor: Vasubandhu Misra

• Climate variability, Indian monsoon and its variability, and extreme rainfall events
Dr. Kellerman Photo
Anne Kellerman
Mentor: Rob Spencer

• Organic Geochemistry
Dr. Lindskog Photo
Anders Lindskog
Mentor:Seth Young

Dr. Qing-Feng Mei
Qing-Feng Mei
Mentor: Munir Humayun

• Isotope Geochemistry
• Early Earth’s evolution
• Analytical technique in Earth science
Dr. Nowell Photo
Holly Nowell
Mentor: Chris Holmes

• Remote Sensing
• Atmospheric Chemistry and Modeling
. Fires and Smoke
Dr. Paniagua-Arroyave Photo
Juan Paniagua-Arroyave
Mentor: Jaap Nienhuis

• Coastal Geomorphology
Dr. Sparrow Photo
Katy Sparrow
Mentor:Jeff Chanton

• Chemical Oceanography
• Isotope Biogeochemistry
• Modern Methane & CO2 Cycling
Dr. Deepa Raveendranpillai
Deepa Raveendranpillai
Mentor:Tiruvalam Krishnamurti

Dr. Jie Sun
Jie Sun
Mentor:Zhaohua Wu

Dr. Derrick Vaughn
Derrick Vaughn
Mentor:Rob Spencer

• Organic Biogeochemistry
• Paleoclimatology
Dr. Wildermann Photo
Natalie Wildermann
Mentor:Mariana Fuentes

• Spatial Ecology and Management of Marine Megafauna
Dr. Woelki Photo
Dominic Woelki

Mentor:Vincent Salters

• Isotope Geochemistry
• Ophiolites and Mid-Ocean Ridge magmatism
• Island arcs
Dr. Yang Photo
Shuying Yang
Mentor: Munir Humayun

• Geochemistry